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          BIZCONNECT7 is a Belgrade-based business development consultancy and on the ground facilitator primarily focused on helping foreign companies develop business with Serbia and identify potential buyers, business partners, distributors and suppliers in this market.

          Our objective is to help our clients develop local business and government contacts, establish and manage Serbian distributors, suppliers and business partners, and overcome numerous obstacles to doing business in Serbia.

          BIZCONNECT7 also offers services to companies wishing to improve or review their existing business operations in Serbia.

          We offer a range of tailor-made services that will help your business establish its presence and grow in Serbian market. Support is provided by people with practical knowledge and a proven success record in various aspects of business development.

Our list of services includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Advice on best strategies for entering the market, or expanding your existing business
- Pre-selection of potential local business partners through background research and interviews
- Competitive information: companies present in the market, business strategy, organisation, offering, prices etc.
- Company set-up and support with initial organization and staff control
- Organization of business meetings
- Business meeting attendance, provision of professional support and advice
- Country and sector briefings
- Sector/market intelligence, tailored reports (specific industry sector overview, relevant private/public sector contacts, list of potential business partners, export opportunities etc.)

          While Serbia might not be the easiest place to do business in, it does offer a lot of opportunities as a market in its own right, or as convenient regional headquarters for your Central European operation. Hundreds of foreign firms from different parts of the world, large and small, are successfully operating in Serbia today. Would you like to join them? If so, we might be able to help you. Have a look at our web site or contact us to obtain independent advice and reliable support.