BIZCONNECT7 is a Belgrade-based business development consultancy and an on-the-ground facilitator focused on supporting companies, export & investment organisations and donor-funded projects expand into the South-Eastern Europe.

Run by experts with extensive international experience coupled with local expertise, Bizconnect7 can solve your specific problems in a comprehensive and confidential manner.

BIZCONNECT7 also works with companies already established in Serbia in order to increase their turnover, save costs and significantly improve organisational efficiency.


Industry: Food processing
Project type: Investment, market research
Client: International company expanding into Central Europe
Project details: Following market research and background checks we produced a list of potential M&A targets to match our client’s expectations. We organised a visit plan and participated in all meetings to provide expert support. We also provided extensive information regarding the Serbian food processing industry.

Industry: Wood processing – technical wood
Project type: SME export capacity building
Client: International donor agency
Project details: We designed and delivered training and mentoring sessions aimed at increasing companies’ capacity to export to the EU in a more efficient manner.

Industry: Green energy
Project type: Organisation of a visit to an international fair, selection for participation
Client: Export promotion agency
Project details: We selected local companies and experts to participate in an international green energy event. We promoted the host country’s expertise and capacity in this sector and provided on-the- ground support to the wide range of participants.

Industry: Business travel
Project type: Brand Marketing strategy and new business service development
Client: MICE – Independent Travel Management Company
Project details: We have developed a new Brand Marketing strategy, Brand architecture and an action plan. Through the introduction of new business units and Brand extensions, we have facilitated the client’s expansion into new services resulting in an increase in the company’s turnover and revenue. At the same time we have managed to improve Brand awareness and enhance company’s image within the industry.

Industry: Cutting-edge IT
Project type: Talent search
Client: International innovative IT start-up
Project details: Following extensive world-wide search, preselection and testing, we helped our client employ several hard-to-find IT developers (experienced in Machine Learning,  Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, C++)

Industry: Agriculture and food processing
Project type: Market research, export support
Client: Industry cluster
Project details: Following extensive research of the EU and Swiss markets, we supplied our client with a detailed report covering target markets, selected segments and a list of potential buyers from priority markets.

Industry: Energy efficiency
Project type: Market research and the production of a detailed sector study
Client: Export promotion agency
Project details: Market research and the delivery of an industry report covering all aspects of energy efficiency in Serbia were provided.

Industry: Cattle breeding
Project type: Distributor search
Client: Medium-sized international company
Project details: We undertook extensive market research to identify and pre-select potential importers and distributors of bovine semen in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We also organised a visit programme and provided all necessary support.

Industry: Aerospace
Project type: International expansion
Client: Multinational company
Project details: We organised a fact-finding mission to Serbia with the aim of selecting one country in Eastern Europe for future expansion. We additionally provided relevant contacts and participated in all meetings to provide local support and expertise.

Industry: ICT
Project type: Local company incorporation
Client: International company
Project details: We facilitated local company incorporation and provided initial set-up support. We also offered reliable on-the- ground support and advice on a wide range of aspects related to successfully running a business in Serbia.

Industry: Biotechnology, agricultural trade
Project type: Innovation
Client: Domestic SME
Project details: We undertook a gap analysis, prioritised the innovation options, developed an effective action plan and provided mentoring support during the implementation of the project.

Industry: Food processing
Project type: Process optimization – LEAN
Client: International company with production facilities in Serbia
Project details: We provided hands-on support for the introduction of the 5S process, encouraged teamwork and carried out a value stream analysis.

Industry: Construction
Project type: Supplier search
Client: International company
Project details: We executed market research to provide a shortlist of Croatian companies to act as subcontractors on a wide variety of large construction projects worldwide.

Industry: Manufacturing
Project type: HR development
Client: International company
Project details: We developed a tailor-made capacity-building programme for a newly promoted top executive. Additionally, we facilitated a series of training, mentoring and coaching sessions.

Industry: Healthcare
Project type: Distributor search
Client: Medium-sized international company
Project details: We delivered a validated list of pre-selected potential importers and distributors of diagnostic kits in Croatia and organised an extensive visit programme.

Industry: Paper
Project type: Buyer search
Client: International company
Project details: Based on the client’s requirements, we researched the markets of Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia to select potential buyers. We were also responsible for delivering a validated list of pre-selected buyers along with key contacts.

Industry: Confectionery
Project type: Brand Marketing strategy and Brand handling
Client: International confectionary manufacturer
Project details: We have created a Brand communication strategy, a new visual identity, POS branding and communication materials for export support, new local Media campaign including a media strategy and media planning, as well as provided media buying coordination.

Industry: Textile and apparel
Project type: Importer search
Client: International manufacturer
Project details: Bespoke market research to select potential importers and distributors.

Industry: Food processing and trade
Project type: Marketing and sales
Client: Domestic SME
Project details: We performed full business diagnostics to establish the client’s needs and capabilities and developed a Marketing Plan to allow for ongoing successful business expansion.

…and many more

Contemporary businesses seek profitability in order to secure their long-term development and survival.

This is why Bizconnect7’s expert support focuses on three key aspects of any business:

  • Efficient Sales
  • Intelligent Marketing
  • Process Optimisation

The methodologies that we implement are both fully tested and pragmatic.

We appreciate theory, but prefer practice.

Our experienced experts will lead you through the process and provide practical hands-on support.