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     Each of your enquiries is unique and will be treated as such. The following description of our services is therefore intended to give you some basic information about the expected results and how these can benefit you and your company. BIZCONNECT7 can help you improve your company’s performance in the following business areas    

- Business improvement and rationalisation
- Investor search

- Exports


After years of continuous growth, companies successfully operating in Serbia must now prepare for a new wave of incoming competitors. Through ever increasing numbers of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, Serbia is allowing easier market access to many new suppliers. Preparation to meet this new competition is essential for the very survival of companies already based in Serbia. Our experts can help you significantly improve your competitiveness and prepare you for future challenges by providing the following:

1. Analysis of the company’s existing internal organization, distribution system, market position, product/service offering, pricing policy etc.

2. Identification of key areas for improvement, creation of relevant action plans, execution and follow-up to make sure changes important for company’s long-term growth are implemented. Our team’s expertise includes the following business segments:

-       Manufacturing (savings and process optimization)
-       Sales
-       Marketing and advertising
-       General management and internal organization
-       Planning and monitoring
-       Team work
-       Implementation of cost-saving and process optimization and organisation systems (LEAN, 5S, Kaizen) – for more details please go to LEAN page





We regularly receive enquiries from investors interested in placing their funds in Serbian companies. Currently we are interested in the following industry sectors:

-       Food and drink
-       Chemicals
-       Pharmaceuticals
-       Retail
-       Energy

If you are interested in talking to potential majority investors in your company please contact us in order to obtain more information.




The Serbian market is relatively small. Growth-oriented companies therefore must look at export markets as the only way of employing existing production capacities and securing the future by expanding their output and turnover. BIZCONNECT7 offers support in key export development areas:

-       Export strategy
-       Preparation of companies for exporting
-       Market research
-       Identification of potential foreign buyers
-       Marketing
-       Organization of visits and meeting programmes
-       Complete External Export Department services (buyer search, visits, negotiations, contracts, regular communication, business development, marketing, promotional material)